Moon Mission

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Moon Mission

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Game Description:

Game Name: Moon Mission

Moon Mission
Zack and Quack are camping out and reading a story about outer space, but it’s really dark out tonight because the moon isn’t shining! Go on a space adventure with Zack and Quack to help light up the moon, so they can finish reading the story. Steer the rocket by using the arrow keys. To give their spacecraft a galactic speed boost, use the right arrow key. To get more stars, tap on the space bar. Collect as many stars, including shooting stars, as you can along the way. Watch out for asteroids, satellite, planets, and black holes! To complete the mission, fill each crater with enough stars to light the moon. Mission accomplished, you’re a star!

How To Play:

Play with mouse and keyboard. You can also read the instructions that Moon Mission are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Game Category: Nickjr games