Dora’s Super Soccer Showdown

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Dora’s Super Soccer Showdown

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Game Description:

Game Name: Dora’s Super Soccer Showdown

Dora’s Super Soccer Showdown
Today's the Big Cup soccer game, and Dora needs your child's help to get there! Dora must block Swiper from kicking a goal, dodge the dancing Samba Trees on the field, and score three goals against the Dinosaurs to make it to the Big Cup game. Use the arrow keys to move Dora around the field to complete each task. Then it's time to face the Monster team in the Big Cup match! Use the arrow keys to help Dora block, dodge, and run around the soccer field. Use the space bar to score a goal and win the big game! Your little soccer star will love moving around the field in this virtual soccer showdown! Excelente!

How To Play:

Play with mouse and keyboard. You can also read the instructions that Dora's Super Soccer Showdown are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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