Dora’s Great Big World Game

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Dora’s Great Big World Game

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Game Description:

Game Name: Dora’s Great Big World Game

Dora’s Great Big World Game
“Start exploring with Dora! Dora's Great Big World is filled with exciting places you and your child can explore, like Isa's Garden, Star Mountain or the Purple Planet. Wherever you go, you can fill Dora's world with stickers of friends, flowers, birds, butterflies, and more. Use Magico the Explorer Star to make everything bigger or smaller and click on Movie Star to make the stickers move. Uncover hidden surprises with Explorer Tools like a magnifying glass and a diving mask to take a peek underwater. There are lots of places to go for online adventure. Ready? Let's go!

How To Play:

Play with mouse and keyboard. You can also read the instructions that Dora's Great Big World Game are given in the game and follow them carefully!