Diego’s Hippopotamus Adventure

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Diego’s Hippopotamus Adventure

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Game Description:

Game Name: Diego’s Hippopotamus Adventure

Go on a mission to rescue Oxpecker from a risky river! Just help Diego and Hippo get across each bend and fend off crocodiles along the way. Are you ready? ‘Al rescate!

Diego is in the grasslands of Africa visiting his hippo friend when he discovers that Oxpecker is in trouble! Not to worry, Diego can hop on Hippopotamus’s back and trek through the river to make the rescue, but they’ll need your child’s help navigating all the bends and turns. Use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to move Hippo back and forth and the up and down arrows to move up and down. Hippo can break through some of the obstacles and scare off the crocodiles when you press the space bar. But watch out for those floating logs! There are three levels to play. At the end, use your mouse to click on and rescue Oxpecker!
Parent Tip: Encourage kids to play to the end, so they’ll receive a best buddy coloring page!

Diego's Hippopotamus Adventure

How To Play:

Use Mouse of Mouse and Keyboard

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