Team Umizoomi Catch That Shape Bandit

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Team Umizoomi Catch That Shape Bandit

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Game Description:

Game Name: Team Umizoomi Catch That Shape Bandit

There’s a shape bandit on the loose! Someone needs to stop him. UmiFriend, that someone is you! Hold on to your helmet, it’s time to build racing vehicles with the team.

There’s a problem in Umi City! The Shape Bandit has been taking away all of the shapes. Oh, no! That tricky Shape Bandit has even snatched Geo’s Shape Belt. UmiFriends, it’s time for action! Help the team catch the Shape Bandit and get Geo’s belt back by building vehicles using shapes stored in the Bot, Bot, Bot-o-mat! Click an object to pick it up and click again to put it on the right shape on the blueprint. Once the vehicle is complete, Geo will use his SUPER SHAPE power to make it come to life. Don’t let the Shape Bandit get away! Chase him to his hideout to finish the game.
Parent Tip: Help kids play to the end where they can receive a special printable or play again with different blueprints and vehicles!

Team Umizoomi Catch That Shape Bandit

How To Play:

Use Mouse of Mouse and Keyboard

Game Category: Nickjr games