Ready, Set, Dino!

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Ready, Set, Dino!

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Game Description:

Game Name: Ready, Set, Dino!

Ready, Set, Dino!
Ready to run the race? Dino-tastic! First, gamers will have to click on the dinosaur they want to race. Then they can pick a course. When the race begins, kids can guide their dinosaur by using the arrow keys on their keyboard. The up and down arrow keys will move the dino from left to right, and the right arrow will move the dino forward, making the dino go faster. Don't let obstacles slow the dinos down: press the space bar to ram or jump over them. Be sure to collect the dinosaur tracks and badges along the way. Dino experts who collect these can read facts in their field guide after the race. It's going to be a pretty close race, so hang on tight to the finish line!

How To Play:

Play with mouse and keyboard. You can also read the instructions that Ready, Set, Dino are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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