Diego’s Fiercest Animals Game

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Diego’s Fiercest Animals Game

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Game Description:

Game Name: Diego’s Fiercest Animals Game

Oh no, Diego is getting a distress call! An animal is in trouble. Kids can help Diego drive his rescue rover to the animal to find out what’s making it act so fiercely!

Preschool gamers can go on rescue missions with Diego and save some really fierce animals! The adventure starts in Africa when Diego gets a distress call from daddy Gorilla. Baby gorilla is caught in ropes! Help Diego drive his rescue rover–steering clear of obstacles and following animal tracks that lead the way to the gorillas. To drive the rover, kids will have to move their mouse from side to side. Clip the ropes tied to baby gorilla to complete the rescue. To clip the ropes, kids will have to click on the color Diego announces. Next, speed off to North America and help Mommy Grizzly bear who has a thorn stuck in her foot. Help Diego put together a stone path to save mommy grizzly. Click on the right size stone to complete the path.
Parent Tip: Complete both rescue missions to print your child’s very own rescue scene!

Diego's Fiercest Animals Game

How To Play:

Use Mouse of Mouse and Keyboard

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